Confused about what you need for your wedding?

This is something you expect to do only do once, so chances are this is your first time going through all the planning, reservations, flower selections and the plethora of other tiny details that need sorting out. At it's our aim to make your wedding stationery as easy to organise as possible. To that end, we've created a Wedding Stationery Guide, absolutely free, that explains what each of the pieces of stationery are, why you might need them, when they're needed and the kind of wording you might like included on them. It's there to help, so please feel free to make use of it. Download that here.

Our prices

This is your day, and we’re well aware of just how much there’s to organise. To make things easier for you, we've created a downloadable price list so you can plan what you'll need and what it will all cost at your leasure. Grab that here. Remember, all our prices are in New Zealand dollars, and they all include GST.

What we need from you

Once you've decided on the stationery you need and a design you'd like to proceed with, please contact us. We'll need some obvious information such as your names, the address and the guest list. To make that easier for you, we've developed a form that you can fill in with all the necessary details. It might be worth first reading through our Wedding Stationery Guide first to decide on the wording for each of your pieces of stationery.


To prepare your stationery, including making any changes necessary, we'll need at least 8 weeks with the last 4 weeks required by the printers to print your artwork. With that in mind it's very important you get your requests out to us as soon as possible, and when we send out pdf proofs, we need to know asap if any changes need to be made. Unfortunately, if there are still changes or approvals needing to be made 4 weeks out from the wedding or send off dates, we cannot guarantee to get the artwork to you in time. While we're sure this won't be an issue, you'll understand why we have to mention it. More information on timings can be found in our Wedding Stationery Guide.

Personalising your invitation

If you've seen one of our designs you've liked, but are convinced a shade of pink will go better with those tulips you're using as place settings than the colour we've used, let us know. We'll be happy to tailor the invitations to suit the look and feel of your wedding. The same applies for fonts and wording. This is your day, and only you know how you want everything to come together at the end!

What else is on offer?

We know many of you like to make sure everything looks perfect and in an effort to ensure your wedding process is the best of all, we can also offer to make up any additional stationery such as bachelorette and bachelor's night invitations and artwork for the day. Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to try and sort something out that'll look amazing and tie in to your wedding theme.

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